I recently ordered the citrus delight handmade soy candle from SoyLuzCandles and was pleasantly surprised.  Shipping was quick and the candle smelled great.   It burns cleanly and  last a long time.  I might order a couple of more for the rest of the apartment.  Try them out!  

Michael Oconnor

I can't get enough of Soy Luz candles! I get so many compliments of how nice the house smells from these wonderful scents. And the best thing about them is they are handmade and all natural.

Ashley LaJud

When I started my new work life, I wanted to feel peaceful and positive. My Pandora Christian radio station and my Egyptian Amber candle do the trick. Since Soy Luz Candles are all natural and the smell has major staying power, I feel like a smart shopper too!

Marcia Valenzuela

Gardenias are my favorite flowers! With my Soy Luz candle, I am able to bring one of my favorite scents indoors! Love that the scent lingers for a long time and smells natural. Will be purchasing more soon and giving them as gifts to loved ones.

Eileen Sordo

A perfect combination of sandalwood and lavender, the EGYPTIAN AMBER candle emanates a delightful aroma. The lavender softens the sandalwood, which in turn fixes the aroma of lavender.

They interact to provide a perfect balance for each other, and maintain a lasting scent that is soothing and calming at the same time.

Maria Alzola